If you cannot find an answer to your questions, please e-mail us at info@leporteclefs.com or call us on +33 (0)9 86 33 07 34.

Management concept

  • What is our rental management concept?

    Holders of the professional licence for Real Estate management, we work under a management mandate with no commitment as regards its length.

    We receive the rent 24 hours after the arrival of the traveller and then the amount of this rental – from which we deduct the amount of our fee – is transferred to your choice of bank account within the next 48 hours.

  • What does the visit to your accommodation entail?

    We arrange with you (via our on-line form or by telephone) a visit to enable us to discover your accommodation. This visit is the opportunity for you to tell us about its particularities, to estimate the rental prices and to discuss our offer and your expectations.

The on-line ad

  • What rental platform do we use?

    We manage your accommodation on the platform of your choice. However, we recommend Airbnb as this is the most visited platform.
  • What on-line account do we use? Can I access it?

    If you already have an on-line account on a platform, we shall take over this account following the signing of the management mandate. This means we keep your profile, current bookings and the ratings history.

    If you do not have an account, we will create one for you in your name and this account will be put on-line following the signing of the mandate.


    In both cases you have access to the account identifiers and can consult the rental calendar and the comments of the travellers. You can also use this account to rent accommodation when you go on holiday.


    We shall draw up on your behalf the most appealing ad possible. To do this, your accommodation shall be discribed in detail and enhanced by a selection of photos (photo session arranged where necessary).

  • How is my on-line reputation guaranteed?

    The reputation of your accommodation is based on the satisfaction of the traveller, which we ensure by the hand-over of a welcome kit and assistance throughout the stay.


    Since the accommodation with the best reviews are the ones that are referenced the best, our services guarantee good visibility on the platform and a high occupancy rate.

  • How can I manage my rental calendar?

    We rent your accommodation during the periods you choose. You just need to inform us of the start and end dates for the rental. It’s a good idea to do this well in advance so that the availability of your accommodation is visible as early as possible.

  • What is the length of a rental? What rental rates are applied?

    The minimum period for a rental is for two consecutive nights. You can define another period if you wish to reduce the changeovers.


    We establish together a rental rate per night, per weekend, per week and per month according to the period and the prices observed in the same district as your accommodation.

Worth knowing

  • What equipment should my accommodation have?

    Your accommodation should be equipped at the very least with bedding comprising two pillows, a duvet or blanket, a kitchen with cooker and hobs, microwave oven, a fridge, crockery and the usual kitchen cutlery, table and chairs and the appropriate household cleaning utensils.

    An Internet connection and TV are also essential aspects that make the accommodation more attractive.


    We recommend you equip your accommodation with a secure and closed space for your objects of value.

  • Who insures my accommodation during a rental?

    Certain rental platforms insure you in the unlikely event that a traveller causes damage (the cover varies according to the platforms).

    All types of damage not covered by the platform is covered by a deposit. If the amount of the damage is greater than the amount of the deposit, your home and contents insurance will protect you in line with the conditions of your policy.


    Our activity is covered by a Professional Civil Liability insurance. This insures each one of our services.

  • How are the keys managed? Who insure them?

    We must have a set of keys in order to carry out our services and in the event of an emergency (loss of keys by the traveller, water damage, etc.). Our insurance covers any intervention relative to the loss or theft of this set of keys. A key is also available for the traveller under their responsibility.


  • What happens during the check-in?

    We pay particular attention to the traveller’s welcome. We are there to meet them with a warm welcome at the agreed time, in English or in French. If the traveller does not speak these languages, we can call on someone speaking their language.


    Everything is done to make their installation easy: visit around the premises, handover of a welcome kit, availability of a key and explanation regarding the traveller’s assistance.

  • What is in the "welcome kit"?

    The well-being of the traveller is, in our opinion, an essential element. To contribute towards this, the “welcome kit” is handed over on arrival and this is an attention that is always greatly appreciated.


    The kit includes:

    – a welcome gift (bottle of wine, or pastries for example for an arrival in the morning);

    – a “house guide” to become acquainted with your home (access, car park, Internet connection, rules specific to your home and the common areas) and the neighbourhood (bakeries, supermarkets, museums and a selection of cafés and bars);

    – a map of the public transport network;

    – the various ways to contact us and the emergency telephone numbers in France.


    If you wish, you can also contribute to this house guide by indicating any particularities in your home and also some of your favorite local addresses.

  • What does the traveller's assistance include?

    We are the sole contact point to the traveller during their stay. This means they can contact us in the event of a problem (breakdown, water damage, etc.). We can call on a network of trusted skilled tradesmen and we intervene as soon as possible. If you have tradesmen that you know and appreciate, we can also continue to call on them.


    We shall contact you prior to any intervention to inform you of the problem and the estimate. The cost of the intervention is deducted from the rent that we pay you when the traveller has left.


    If the stay exceeds one week, the traveller may ask us to contact a home help and/or to change the household linen. these services are paid for by the traveller.

  • What happens during the check-out?

    We arrive at a time agreed with the traveller to inspect the premises and collect the key made available to the traveller on arrival.


    Then we organise the cleaning and changing of the household linen (bed linen, bathroom and kitchen linen). We check the contents of the fridge, restock your home with the essentials (soap, toilet paper, dustbin bags and paper towels) and take away the household rubbish. Finally we make sure that all windows and doors are securely closed.

  • What happens in the event of damage?

    During the check-out we pay special attention to any problems. In the event of damage, we retrieve the corresponding amount from the deposit or the guarantee programme of the platform. In most cases, the traveller will indicate the problem encountered.


    Before validating a booking, we carefully check the reliability of the traveller via their on-line profile and the comments concerning them. In order to minimise the risks, please leave all valuable objects in a secure and closed space.


    If the traveller forgets any personnal items we shall inform them of this and forward the item quickly.

  • How is the cleaning organised?

    We work with independent and trusted cleaners and home helps. They respect the high level hygiene criteria and quality standards corresponding to our requirements and those of the travellers.

    If you usually call on a specific service provider, we can also work with them.


    The home help intervenes at an agreed time after the departure of the traveller. The cost of this service is €20 per hour and varies according to the surface area of the accommodation. This is indicated in the ad and is paid for by the traveller.


    When you are about to rent out your accommodation, you must tell us whether you want the cleaning to be done on your departure. This service will be charged to you and also amounts to €20 per hour. 

  • How is the household linen managed?

    We have a partnership agreement with Elis, a professional laundry service. For practical reasons we do not use your personal household linen (which must be stored away during the rental period), but sets of linen supplied by our partner.


    We shall equip your accommodation with all the household linen needed to ensure the comfort of the traveller (bed linen, bathroom and kitchen linen). A bedroom is equipped with a set comprising two pillow cases, a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, two bathroom towels, two terry towels and a bathmat. The kitchen is equipped with a set containing two tea towels.


    During the check-out, we shall remove all dirty household linen and provide the home help with clean sets of linen to be laid out. This service shall be paid by us.